About The Board Game Book

The Board Game Book is an annual hardback series exploring the tabletop gaming hobby with insightful criticism, designer interviews and studio photography. The first edition was published in 2019 following a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised almost £23,000 – £8,000 more than its funding target. It proved a hit at its first appearance at the UK Games Expo, with the entire stock of copies selling out in a day and a half. And it received heavy praise from readers online, becoming an Amazon gaming bestseller.

Following the success of the first edition, publisher Clyde & Cart Press is planning an even more ambitious approach for Volume 2 including a larger team of contributors. The follow-up will feature entirely new content, and is due for release in May 2020.

About the authors

The first volume of The Board Game Book was compiled by a team of some of the world’s leading tabletop games writers.

Editor Owen Duffy is a journalist whose work has appeared in The GuardianBBC NewsArs TechnicaVICE and Tabletop Gaming Magazine. His non-gaming work has covered topics including breaking news, the environment, urban development, human rights, immigration and LGBT issues. His favourite games include AlhambraBrass: BirminghamPandemic and the roleplaying games Fiasco and Monsterhearts. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland with his wife and two sons.

Matt Thrower is a writer with bylines at The GuardianPC GamerShut Up & Sit Down and Pocket Tactics. He runs the gaming website There Will Be Games and is the author of the Haynes Tabletop Gaming Manual.

Teri Litorco is a miniature wargames expert, a regular contributor to the gaming media network Geek & Sundry and the host of her own popular YouTube gaming channel. She is also the author of The Civilized Guide to Tabletop Gaming.

Richard Jansen-Parkes specialises in tabletop roleplaying games and is a regular contributor to Tabletop Gaming Magazine. He also publishes his own successful line of RPG adventure modules through his company Winghorn Press.

Information for Retailers

The Board Game Book is available for retailers to order through a number of channels.

Our UK games trade distributor is Asmodee UK. If you run a game store, gaming café or online retailer, please order copies through trough them.

Our UK book trade distributor is CBL.

Retailers outside the UK, please contact us for distribution details.

About Clyde & Cart Press

Clyde & Cart Press is a publishing company established in 2018. Our debut title, The Board Game Book, is part of an ongoing series exploring the world of tabletop gaming. In addition to this series, we are developing a number of other product lines devoted to gaming and geek-culture topics. A Limited Company registered in Scotland, SC600497.