Your essential guide to the year’s best tabletop games

With more than 3,000 new board games hitting store shelves every year, finding the right ones for you and your friends can be tough.

That’s why we’re making The Board Game Book.

We’re an international team of games journalists with a shared passion for tabletop gaming. You might have seen our work in places like The GuardianIGNTabletop Gaming MagazineGeek & SundryVICE, Shut Up & Sit Down and PC Gamer. We’re publishing a gorgeous, professionally printed hardback book exploring the year’s most exciting new board games, card games, miniature wargames and RPGs, full of insightful criticism, behind-the-scenes designer interviews and gorgeous studio photography.



A critical look at the year’s most exciting releases

The Board Game Book will feature more than 100 of the year’s most interesting and exciting new releases, with dedicated chapters on kids’ and family games, casual and party games, strategy games and more. Rather than focusing on mechanical details, we’ll delve into how games feel to play: the decisions they throw at players, the atmosphere they foster around the table and the ways their creators blend ideas and influences to create compelling gameplay experiences.

A fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into game design

We’ll include a designer Q&A alongside every game featured in the book, finding out about the creative processes behind the year’s best new titles. We’ve already confirmed interviews with a who’s-who of the gaming industry, including:

A perfect starting point for new players

We want The Board Game Book to be an entertaining, informative guide for all players – from seasoned tabletop veterans to complete newcomers to the hobby. That’s why we’re including an extensive guide to the best ‘gateway’ games for newer gamers. If you’re just starting your journey into the hobby, or looking for the perfect games to introduce to friends and family, we’ll have suggestions for all ages and tastes.

Board games and beyond

While our main focus is on board games, we don’t want to neglect other branches of the tabletop hobby. That’s why we’ll have chapters dedicated to roleplaying and miniature wargames, each written by expert contributors. From Warhammer 40,000 to Star Wars: LegionDungeons & Dragons to the most innovative indie RPGs, we’ll give you an instant overview of the year in these thriving sections of the gaming community.

A gorgeous book with stunning game photography

We want to create a book that’s as visually appealing as the games that have inspired it. That’s why we’re working with a respected firm of printers who regularly produce books for some of the world’s leading publishing houses. We’ll also be doing extensive studio photography to capture the character and personality of every game we feature.

Help us make The Board Game Book happen!

We can’t wait to bring you this book, and to celebrate what’s already shaping up to be an unforgettable year in gaming. But we need your help to do it.

We’ll be launching our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on 5 June 2018. We need to raise £15,000 to cover printing costs, contributor payments, logistics and all of the other expenses that go into the publishing process.

We’ll be offering some great benefits for Kickstarter backers, including a £3 discount on the retail cover price, a free digital edition with every physical copy, and the chance to have your name listed in the book itself as one of our valued supporters.

If you believe in this project as much as we do, we’d love to have your help!

Stay informed

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